Christmas Present Ideas

For unique Christmas presents, consider River Keepers at There are notecards, a catfish book, dry bags, T-shirts, rain barrels and more!                 

FM Area Caring Catalog

We know you care about helping our community #EnjoytheRed. With your help, we can increase the quality and number of youth fishing opportunities. #FMAreaCaringCatalog #RKThanks

Rain Barrel Kits

Looking for a fun date night or family activity? Build a rain barrel! We’ve got the kits and a barrel for you ( and will answer any questions you have. You can do it! Feeling creative? Go the extra step and paint it! #SustaintheRed        

Awe Walks

Go for an Awe Walk along the Red River today! “Take time to observe the surroundings in a new way. Embrace nature’s mysteries. And reap the emotional benefits.” #EnjoytheRed…/572768051/…

Updated F-M Water Trail Map

We’re excited to share this new updated Fargo-Moorhead Water Trail Map!

Celebrate Our Red Cancelled

Celebrate our Red has been cancelled for 2020 due to Covid-19. Instead, we have decided to focus our efforts on a membership drive. We need you now more than ever. Please consider becoming a member of River Keepers with the funds you would have used to buy a ticket or two. Your membership ensures River […]

Make a Produce Bag or Coasters from T-shirt to Tote Scraps

Make a T-shirt Tote by following these instructions… and then make a produce bag or coasters from the scraps…

The American Kestrel

Written by Alyssa Cahoon The American Kestrel, or Falco sparverius, is a famous falcon in the Red River Valley. They are often seen perched on telephone poles or high posts along roadsides and open country areas, making the prairie a favorite ecosystem by the species. You may spot one around the Red River in the […]