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Projects & Activities

Activity Tote Checkout

Check out educational activity totes complete with curriculum and supplies.

Clean Ups

Pick up trash on and along the Red River, drains and Snakey Creek.

Canoeing and Boating

To provide safe recreational access to the Red River of the North with emphasis on interpretive, historical and environmental information.

Celebrate Our Red

Celebrate Our Red is a board led fundraising event for River Keepers. Hors d’oeuvres buffet, beer and wine, silent auction and raffle items.

Outreach through Activities, Displays and Presentations

To educate the citizens of Fargo-Moorhead about River Keepers, the Red River, and river related issues.


Events and information related to fishing on the Red River!

Geocaches and Scavenger Hunts

Learn about the Red River via fun adventures.

Interpretive Signs

Interpretive signs that River Keepers has developed.

Living Lab Master Plan

A site that was managed by River Keepers to demonstrate a variety of riparian restoration techniques, serve as an outdoor lab for students of all ages, and exhibit wildlife habitat improvements.

Race the Red

A canoe and kayak race on the Red River in Fargo-Moorhead.

Red River Water Festival

A 5-day event in which over 2000 4th grade students learn about different aspects of water and the Red River Watershed through hands-on activities.

Reforest the Red

Help Reforest the Red by volunteering to plant thousands of trees and shrubs along the Red River!

Resilient Yards

Workshops and information regarding how to manage your house and yard in a river friendly manner.

Catfish Cup Golf Scramble

A 4-person best ball tournament that takes place in June.

Riverfront Development

To support sustainable development along the riverfront. Examples: bridges and immediate green space, study tours of riverfront communities, develop master plans, bring potential partners together.

Sister Rivers

A relationship was developed between the Red River of the North and the Dniester River in Moldova, Europe. Our partner in Moldova is Eco-TIRAS, an international environmental association of River Keepers.

Storm Drain Marking Program

Protecting the Red River by linking human actions to pollution problems.

Tree and Shrub Descriptions

Descriptions of local trees and shrubs.

Water Quality Monitoring

Communicating the health of the Red River by monitoring water quality at 3 locations on the Red River before, in the middle of, and after the Fargo-Moorhead community.