Groups adopt a reach of the river and agree to clean-up trash twice a year.

What is Adopt-the Red/Park?

  • Groups pick up trash and enjoy a reach of the Red River or a local park. With individual actions, through Adopt-a-River/Park programs, many rivers that were once blemished have again become valued local resources. Cleanup crews may consist of a few friends or a large network of volunteers.

Why Adopt-the-Red/Park?

  • The greatest threat to the Red River today is from non-point source pollution. Keeping the banks of the Red River litter-free is one way to reduce non-point source pollution. The Adopt-the-Red program stresses prevention of litter accumulation and rubbish removal by recruiting people to “adopt” reaches of the river.
  • Rubbish accumulation is one of the single greatest factors that degrades the recreational value of the rivers. Nearly 90% of the items collected during a river cleanup are nondegradeable trash such as metal and plastic, with many pieces containing rotting food and chemical residues.
  • Cleanups remove trash and litter while increasing community pride.
  • Cleanups educate participants about the values of watersheds for recreation, and fish and wildlife habitat.

Group Responsibilities

  • Conduct 2 clean-ups each year, following the “Adopt-the-Red Procedures” as written.
  • Notify appropriate agency two weeks prior to the cleanup date.
  • Cover “Information for a Safe and Enjoyable Cleanup” before participating in clean-up.
  • Provide gloves and trash bags.
  • Notify appropriate agency of the location of objects to big to handle.
  • Notify appropriate agency of hazardous substances, such as car batteries or partially filled farm or garden chemical containers.

Moorhead Parks and Recreation/Fargo Park District Responsibilities

  • Provide removal of filled trash bags.
  • Provide removal of large, heavy, or hazardous items discovered by the group.
  • Provide information about the Adopt-theRed program and the adopted reach.
  • Provide an information sheet on how to conduct a safe clean up.

After the Clean-Up

Contact River Keepers if you are interested in becoming involved with other river service projects such as:
  • Storm Drain Marking Program – Protecting the Red River by linking human actions to pollution problems.
  • Planting native vegetation.
  • On-the water cleanups.

After a clean-up, you gain satisfaction from a job well done!

  Clean Up Volunteer Training Video

For More Information:

701-499-060         218-299-5340     River Keepers 1120 28th Ave. N., Ste. B. Fargo, ND 58103 701.356.8915