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Why Become a Member?

All of our plans for the future and accomplishments of the past could not and will not be completed without the involvement and support from our many partners. Paid memberships and donations of time and materials all contribute to the successful completion of our goals. Your contribution not only provides some of the direct fiscal support necessary for our organization to continue but it provides matching funds for some of our grant funded projects.

Some of our members are employees of companies that match memberships. These companies are making a commitment to the community and supporting their employee’s volunteerism. Check with your employer to determine if they have a matching gift program.

We also appreciate hearing from members if they are aware of corporate giving programs.  Usually these companies prefer to support organizations that their employees support.

How to Join

It’s easy, just use the form to the left! Pick the membership level you want. You have the option of picking  a one-time, monthly, or annual membership. One-time means you pay for the year, and will have to come back to this page next year and redo the process to renew. Monthly means you get a small amount of the total membership amount taken out of your account each month. Annual is like a one-time payment that auto renews each year, meaning you never have to worry about renewing your membership. You can change your donation preferences at any time. However, if you downgrade or cancel your monthly membership amount, you might not be eligible for all the benefits of that level.

Prefer old school? Simply print the Membership Brochure below and mail the filled in form along with a check to the address listed on the brochure.

2023 Membership Brochure

Membership Benefits

Whatever membership level you choose, you’ll get to show your River Keepers pride with swag and other perks. Check them out below!

You (or the person receiving the membership) get:

  • Junior River Keepers Member Certificate.
  • River activity book.
  • Tree stickers.

You get:

  • E-news Subscription.
  • Tax-deductible membership.
  • Voting privileges at the annual meeting.
  • River Keepers window cling
  • T-shirt Tote

You get all of the Student/Senior level benefits plus:

  • “Relaxed Anglers Guide to Catfishing on the Red River” book

You get all of the Steward level benefits plus:

  • River Keepers T-shirt (style varies) or cap

You get all of the Advocate level benefits plus:

  • River Keepers backpack (old logo)

You get all of the Builder level benefits plus:

  • Guided 2-hour canoe or kayak tour of the Red River for up to 8 people