The American Kestrel

Written by Alyssa Cahoon The American Kestrel, or Falco sparverius, is a famous falcon in the Red River Valley. They are often seen perched on telephone poles or high posts along roadsides and open country areas, making the prairie a favorite ecosystem by the species. You may spot one around the Red River in the […]

Volunteer Organization Trees Award

River Keepers accepted the 2019 Volunteer Organization Trees Award from the North Dakota Forest Service on behalf of the Reforest the Red Project. Project partners include The City of Fargo – Government, Fargo Park District, and Cass County Soil Conservation District. The award was in recognition of the efforts to coordinate over 550 volunteers to plant thousands of trees and […]

Board Members Needed

Interested in becoming an engaged River Keepers board member? Check out the Board of Directors Application Form for the job description and application. For more information, email About

Moorhead Reforest the Red Recap

Written by David Bunzow They came on both 21 and single speed bicycles, in trucks and carpooling automobiles, on foot, and in a wheelchair – more than 110 willing volunteers aged 7-73 – with the singular purpose of assisting nature by improving a historic park section of The Red River of the North in Moorhead, […]

More Trees Please

By Amy Barouth, volunteer   Every year, we ask volunteers to plant trees along the Red River and that is because trees play a large role in the health of a river system and a community. There are many reasons why that is the case. Rivers are dynamic. They meander and sometimes cut new pathways […]

New Videos

We just wanted to share how excited we are about some new videos that have been created for River Keepers to help us tell our story and share our impact.  Last year’s PaY intern, Abbie Sherva, conducted many interviews over the summer.  Our new hashtags: #LearntheRed, #SustaintheRed, and #EnjoytheRed came from the work that Absolute […]

Watershed Education and Research Center Survey

The International Water Institute and River Keepers are exploring the feasibility of a comprehensive facility in our region which will provide opportunities for applied watershed research, watershed education, outdoor recreation, shared office and gathering space.  It is anticipated that the proposed Red River Watershed Education and Research Center will offer public and regional students of […]

Consider the Storm Drains

Written by Amy Bauroth Just so long as it doesn’t happen too fast or all at once, most of us are ready for the snow to melt. That means our storm drains, the grated openings in the street, are going to be working overtime as melted snow and rain is moving through one of our […]