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Ruler of the Red Fishing Tournament

A fun virtual fishing tournament on the Red River using the FishDonkey app.

Where: Red River of the North between Cass 22/Clay 26 and Cass 16/Clay 8. Here is a map!

Entry Fee: $20/individual (plus a small processing fee)

Payout and Categories:
* Largest (by length) Catfish – $250

* Largest (by length) Walleye – $150

* Wild Card – a winner is randomly selected from the catfish entries – $50

* Wild Card – a winner is randomly selected from the walleye entries – $50

Get Started:
1. Download the FishDonkey app. fishdonkey.com/app

2. Tap: Fish in a Tournament

3. Join: Ruler of the Red

You can enter a fish into multiple tournaments on the FishDonkey app! That means you can enter both River Keepers Ruler of the Red Tournament (https://www.facebook.com/events/303221205254548) and the @Red River Cattitude in May and June! Catch a fish in one tournament and “cross-enter” it into other tournaments. Find this feature in your Digital Livewell® on the FishDonkey App. Note: The app will enforce some rules such as, you need to join 24 hours in advance in order to prevent anglers from joining after they caught the fish. So join the tournaments early!