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Moorheart Award

We were honored to accept the Moorheart Award from the City of Moorhead on February 14. We truly enjoy our relationships with city staff and appreciate our partnerships with many departments. River Keepers is supported by so many people who care about the Red River and who make the organization what it is. One subset of those supporters is volunteers (of which we have the best!). Especially this past year, volunteers were willing to do more than we ever thought we could ask of them. They had smiles on their faces even if they fell into the creek or had mud all over their clothing. We look forward to continuing to work together to make the Red River a vital part of our community. #RKThanks

The City of Moorhead’s announcement of the award on social media had this to say: “Moorhead City Council and Mayor Shelly Carlson presented Christine Holland (Executive Director of the River Keepers) with the MoorHeart award. River Keepers advocates for the safe and sustainable use of the Red River by educating residents and visitors about how they can protect and utilize the Red River for years to come.

River Keepers’ nomination includes: The River Keepers recruit and coordinate over 2,000 volunteers to help mark storm drains, plant trees and shrubs, conduct water quality monitoring, clean up litter, and more. Their efforts help keep the Red River clean for community use. Recent efforts have seen them remove several hundred pounds of wet and muddy bags in just a short section of Snakey Creek, have 46 tires removed from the River, and remove another large pile of trash during an On-the-Water Cleanup event. These are just a few recent examples of a whole body of work that continues year after year. River Keepers’ leadership continues to be called upon for new and existing projects and its Executive Director, Christine Holland, has the organization leaping to new heights. The efforts improve Moorhead’s quality of living, provide exceptional education opportunities for Moorhead’s youth and adults, and advocate for safe and sustainable use of the Red.

River Keepers is a great example of the MoorHeart spirit and how we can work together to spread that spirit to all. Congratulations and thank you, River Keepers, for all you do as an outstanding organization of the Moorhead area!

The MoorHeart award is an opportunity to recognize individuals who go above and beyond to demonstrate community within our City by their actions and service. A team of volunteers from city boards and commissions selects award recipients.”

The MoorHeart award is commemorated with a piece of art commissioned from Moorhead-based artist Karman Rheault especially for this purpose.
Board member Mike Ferrie, Executive Director Christine Holland, Project Coordinator Kim Radebaugh, and Board member Bert McDonough.