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Environmental Award Presented to Audubon Dakota

We awarded Audubon Dakota RIVER KEEPERS ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD which recognizes outstanding leadership in protection of the River environment relative to environmental concerns, water, soils, vegetation, and wildlife.

Their Urban Woods and Prairies Initiative aligns with our goal to advocate land use, river use, and environmental practices that contribute to a sustainable, safe, and economically beneficial river ecosystem.

The Urban Woods and Prairies Initiative is a partnership between Audubon Dakota and multiple local landowning entities aimed at restoring and enhancing urban riparian grassland, wetland, and woodland habitats. Locally, the Urban Woods and Prairie Initiative landowning partners include Fargo Park District, City of Fargo, City of Moorhead, Buffalo Red River Watershed District and North Dakota State University. Currently there is nearly 1,000 acres along the Red River enrolled within the project.

Traditionally, as urban centers expand – natural areas contract, diminishing habitat suitability for wildlife and accessibility for people. To prevent further loss of important native habitat, Audubon Dakota introduced a deliberate urban-based strategy to restore and conserve riparian habitat and associated ecological services in 2014. Audubon Dakota and partners target flood buyout properties and idle parks that have the potential to become high quality habitat for birds and places of exploration for people. The place-based approach to engage people and focus conservation efforts has created access to hiking, birding, cross-country skiing, and other outdoor activities, while creating important resident and migratory wildlife habitat.

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