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Seeking Award Nominations

River Keepers is seeking nominations for our Annual Awards.  See below for the nomination information and the criteria for the categories.  Nominations are due Friday, February 10th.


This nomination is for the following award:

______ River Keeper of the Year Award

______ River Keepers Education Award

______ River Keepers Environmental Award

______ River Keepers Good Neighbor Award

______ River Keepers River Development Award

______ River Keepers Volunteer of the Year Award

______ River Keepers Friend of the River Award

______ River Keepers Employee of the Year Award

______ River Partnership Award

______ Distinguished Service Award

______ Other


Please check one of the following

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In 100 words or less, summarize the reasons your nominee should receive the award as it relates to the Award Categories description listed on the enclosed materials.



SPECIFIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Please provide detail regarding specific accomplishments of your nominee as they relate to the Award Categories description (use no more than one additional page, if needed):












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_____ The Awards Committee may consider this candidate for another category if qualifications are met.






Phone (Daytime Number):_______________________________________________



  1. Please reproduce this form if you are nominating more than one individual or organization.
  1. E-mail, mail, fax or deliver completed form by February 10, 2017 to:

Awards Committee

River Keepers

1120 28th Ave. N., Ste. B

Fargo, ND  58102

Fax:  701-235-7394


  1. For more information, call River Keepers at 701-235‑2895 or email christine@riverkeepers.org.


The River Keepers awards program seeks to identify and recognize individuals and organizations whose efforts enhance the Red River and its corridor through increased recreational opportunities, improved education about the resource and an improved environment.


 Candidates recommended for each specific award category should have accomplished activities which exemplify the River Keepers goals which are:

  • Advocate Red River awareness, appreciation and stewardship,
  • Generate ideas for River development,
  • Encourage and promote River usage,
  • Create economic opportunities within the River corridor,
  • Educate residents on the River environment,
  • Address public safety concerns regarding the River corridor,
  • Assist in providing cultural opportunities at the River’s edge.
  1. The candidate may be either an individual or an organization from North Dakota or Minnesota.
  1. Nominations will be accepted from the general public. River Keepers staff or an individual self‑nomination are not eligible for awards.
  1. Please address specific activities, accomplishments and contributions that individuals or organizations have completed at any time in the past. Do not submit additional supporting materials.
  1. Candidates may be renominated each year. Previous award winners are not eligible to win an award in the same category but are eligible to win in a different category.
  1. The completed nominations must be received by Friday, February 10, 2016 at River Keepers office, 1120 28th N., Ste. B, Fargo, ND 58102.


  • RIVER KEEPER OF THE YEAR AWARD recognizes outstanding service as a result of activities associated with the enhancement of the Red River.  This individual or organization must have played a significant role in activities which have enhanced the River, increased enjoyment of the River or improved perceptions of the River.  The individual or organization may also have advocated on behalf of the River or conducted any unique effort to befriend the Red River.
  • RIVER KEEPERS EDUCATION AWARD recognizes outstanding leadership in education that has contributed to a better understanding of the water resource and the impact of the Red River on the area’s history, environment, and recreation.
  • RIVER KEEPERS ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD recognizes outstanding leadership in protection of the River environment relative to environmental concerns, water, soils, vegetation, and wildlife.
  • RIVER KEEPERS GOOD NEIGHBOR AWARD recognizes individuals or organizations whose property touches the Red River. Their outstanding efforts may include upkeep of River property which maintains the integrity of the River, activities which have enhanced the River or the enjoyment of the River, or any unique effort to befriend the River.
  • RIVER KEEPERS RIVER DEVELOPMENT AWARD recognizes outstanding leadership in the creation of economic opportunities in the River corridor. The economic activities should promote the Red River while maintaining compatibility with River Keepers developmental and environmental goals.  Eligible activities could include River‑related businesses, tourism, or recreational events focusing on the River.
  • RIVER KEEPERS VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD recognizes outstanding volunteer work in promoting the goals of River Keepers.
  • RIVER KEEPERS FRIEND OF THE RIVER AWARD recognizes outstanding leadership in the promotion of a River Keepers goal.
  • RIVER KEEPERS EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD recognizes outstanding work efforts in promoting the goals of River Keepers.
  • RIVER PARTNERSHIP AWARD recognizes agencies that have partnered together to promote the Red River and the goals of River Keepers.
  • DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD recognizes individuals or organizations on their exceptional contributions or career-long commitment to River Keepers or the Red River Basin.