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River Paddling Excursions Scheduled

A leisurely paced group paddle with a local expert sharing their knowledge of the Red River.

All skill levels are welcome! Arrive at 5:30 pm to sign in and get your equipment (life jackets, paddles and vessels). Just before 6 p.m. there will be a basics of canoeing, kayaking and safely. Then we hit the water!

Pre-registration is required. $10 per person if you are providing your own vessel, $15 per person if needing canoe or kayak rental. Rentals available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Register early as registration closes at 20 vessels/excursion.

Register at moorheadparks.com or call 218.299.5340.

Refund policy: Notification is required two business days before the excursion for a refund to be issued.

Weather back up dates are the following week. Check this Facebook event for announcements.

Check out all of our River Paddling Excursions this year:

* Recreation of the Red River – May 29, led by Midwest Outdoors. The Red River and surrounding area hold a multitude of opportunities for outdoor recreation in our community. Join Midwest Outdoors for a to hear what is available for folks looking to get outside!

* Birds of the Red River – June 12, led by Audubon Great Plains. Bring a keen eye and ear as the Audubon Great Plains leads us on the Red in search of birds perched and in flight!

* History of the Red River – June 24, led by Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County. Ever wonder what Moorhead was like “growing up”? Join the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County on a riveting history lesson of downtown Moorhead.

* Discover the Red River – July 10, led by River Keepers. Discover the Red River with River Keepers on an excursion that is equal parts fun and educational. This is a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Red while learning about the many aspects of the Red River including history, characteristics, uses, animals, and more.

* Animals & Habitats of the Red River – July 24, led by Red River Zoo. All sorts of animals use the Red River for a source of food, water, and shelter. Join the Red River Zoo to see animals and signs of where they live and play along the route.

* Gentle Mind of the Red River – August 7, led by CJM Yoga. Join Caroline McGuire of CJM Yoga as she offers a complete immersion of the mind into the nature of the Red River. During this river paddling excursion, Caroline will prompt for movements linked with breath, observance of surroundings and moments of silence. These openings for quietude and tranquility give rise to a gentle mind – one not separate from nature. This opportunity is best fit for experienced or advanced beginner paddlers.

* Conservation of the Red River – August 21, led by Midwest Outdoors. A well-cared-for river is a fun river. Come learn about what it takes to keep the Red River healthy, the importance of conserving our waterways and what you can do to help!

* Trees of the Red River – September 4, led by Fargo Park District. We will look up into the tree canopy and learn about the types of tree species we see along the Red River and their benefits for the river and animals with wings, paws, and fins.

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