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New Videos

We just wanted to share how excited we are about some new videos that have been created for River Keepers to help us tell our story and share our impact.  Last year’s PaY intern, Abbie Sherva, conducted many interviews over the summer.  Our new hashtags: #LearntheRed, #SustaintheRed, and #EnjoytheRed came from the work that Absolute Marketing did for River Keepers through the Creating Good event.  These quickly became focus areas for these videos.  Then volunteer, Tyler Donnay, pulled it all together by editing and producing the following videos.  We’d also like to thank those members, volunteers and partners starring int the videos!
Check out the videos.  Each one is less than a minute.

River Keepers Impact: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QaNOFOoVPw

It’s was so fun to see the work of PaY, Creating Good, and volunteers all come together!