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Geocaching: A Real-World Adventure

If you, or your family and friends, are looking for more ways to get outside, consider geocaching. Geocaching is a treasure hunting activity which involves finding ‘geocaches’, or hidden containers. Geocaches are usually in plain sight, but they may be camouflaged. These containers include logs for you to sign, or sometimes a treasure item for trade. To get to the geocaches you first need to set up a free account on www.geocaching.com and set your location. Then, choose a geocache that suits your time, experience, and interest. All you need to do is dress for the weather and bring a GPS-enabled device, such as a smartphone. Once you are out on the hunt, GPS will help you navigate your way to the geocache. After you have discovered the geocache, record your name in the logbook and leave the geocache the way you found it. Many people enjoy geocaching just for the journey, but if you are interested in taking an item from a geocache, make sure to leave an item of equal or greater value that is safe and appropriate.

Besides traditional geocaches, there are also multi-caches which involve two or more locations. For these, you will have to follow hints from the initial location(s) to get to the final geocache. Mystery and puzzle geocaches are also available which require you to solve a mystery or puzzle to determine the coordinates of the geocache.

River Keepers geocaches include multi-caches, a mystery cache, and a cache focused on local wildlife. As if anyone needs another reason to get out and enjoy the Red River! Below are the codes for River Keepers geocaches – have fun and good luck!

  1. River Ed (ID# GC5B6E5), multi-cache with 3 locations
  2. River Ed 2 (ID# GC5Z0T5), multi-cache with 2 locations
  3. River Ed 4 (ID# GC6ZNKM), mystery cache.  In partnership with Moorhead Parks and Recreation.
  4. Red River Watchable Wildlife (ID# GC7MEBA), large with trackables.  In partnership with the Red River Zoo.