Race the Red Results

Here are the 2022 Race the Red results. Thank you to all who participated and volunteered to help make it a fun night on the Red River! #RKThanks #EnjoytheRed Check out our Best Decorated winners from this year’s race! Congratulations, Dakota & DeAnna! We love the creativity and extra fun you added to the race.

Storm Drain Marking Program Volunteer Video

Thank you so much to Concordia students participating yesterday in Hands for Change who volunteered for the Storm Drain Marking Program! This is a fun video!  Watch it here! #RKThanks #SustaintheRed   

Red River Water Festival Volunteers Needed

We can’t wait to once again offer a fun, interactive and educational field trip for our local fourth graders during the Red River Water Festival. Join our team of volunteers who make this event happen! We have a lot of spots to fill! Dates: September 20-23, 26-27 Shifts: Lead an activity or be an activity […]

Clean Up Volunteers Needed

One way to explore the trails near the Red River is to sign up for a Red River Trail Clean Up. We appreciate working with Tess who takes out her students each year. Last year she commented after cleaning up downtown Moorhead, “These were first year students, so I enjoyed taking them to explore the […]

Lil’ Fisherman’s Clinic & Derby

The 2022 Lil’ Fishermen’s Clinic and Derby was a big success! The largest fish was a 33 inch catfish caught by our first place winner, Dekker! Our second place winner, Natalie, caught 2 smallmouth bass and a sunfish. Our third place winner, Bennett, caught a 16.5” drum and a catfish.  There were 8 different species […]

Ruler of the Red Fishing Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Ruler of the Red Fishing Tournament! The Largest Channel Catfish at 35″ was caught by Trevor Olson, the Largest Walleye at 15.25″ was caught by Evan Carr. Evan also won the Wildcard Walleye with Jeremy Swanson winning the Wildcard Channel Catfish. Thank you to all of the participants for […]

Blue River Tote Available for Checkout

Tote Highlight: Our hands-on educational activity totes can be checked out for FREE! Today we are highlighting Blue River!  Check out this activity in action! Check out the activity here: https://www.riverkeepers.org/proj…/activity-tote-checkout/ Simulate the movement of water through a watershed. Role play the effects of the water cycle on water quality between the natural and human constructed […]

River Flows and Paddling

Even though the Red River is back within its banks, the current is still moving fast. If you are considering going paddling, check out the river levels and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recommendations first. https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/river_levels/index.html#LearntheRed 2021 Photo Credit: Chelsea Joy Photography

Resilient Yard Series: Pollinator Gardening Workshop!

Spots are open for our Resilient Yard Series: Pollinator Gardening Workshop on July 26 and August 2 from 6-8:30 p.m.! Sign up to learn about pollinators and how to design a garden to attract them during this 2-day workshop! You will receive a pollinator kit with great resources and seeds to get started. There is […]

Adventure Lab Fun

Pack a picnic and head out to find our Adventure Lab at M.B. Johnson Park! This is a fun experience that incorporates the interpretive signs at M.B. Johnson Park so you can #LearntheRed. Not sure what an Adventure Lab is? It a fun activity that uses GPS enabled devices to participate in scavenger hunts in […]